12 Week Online Coaching


12 Week Workout Plan

This is your chance to feel more mobile, flexible and more yourself than ever before. We focus on achieving your goals, while giving you guidance and the knowledge to keep it up long term. We take care of the little details, while you focus on the heavy lifting!

What does online coaching include?


Here with Hannah’s coaching there is no need for thought, all our coaching tools are on our app. We listen to your capabilities, your commitments along with your strengths and weaknesses, and we tailor it to suit you. Not only a tailored plan but we focus on your confidence levels in the gym to increase your long term commitment of being a better you by including demo exercises and comments on each plan!


Up for a challenge? We have tons of online challenges and activities to choose from. Not only will you have a tailored workout plan included but you will have access to visual demos on how to complete each exercise correctly. We also allow access to try our new online workouts whenever you please with our pre-made on demand workout videos!

With such a large selection of workouts to choose from the ability for you to decide where to train that day is down to you! Gym workouts, home workouts and a some workouts out in nature. TAKE YOUR PICK!


What’s better than stress free meals, with quick and simple recipes, to huge meals for 8. You have the flexibility to try new things without having to worry. These recipes make sure you are getting all the nutrients your body needs.

No need to worry! As a coeliac, dairy free and egg free girlie myself I GET IT! Its not easy focusing on our fitness while making sure we are getting enough nutrients and food to keep us going and to stay on track. But these recipes are designed for EVERYONE, this is where gluten free is made yummy!


This isn’t about cutting out all the foods you enjoy, I want you to enjoy your food with a healthier balance and look on it. So lets continue to eat our yummy chocolate, sweets and savory delights, because this is YOUR JOURNEY.

A degree in Sports and Exercise Science has given me a vast amount of knowledge into nutrition, dieting tips and overall health. I am so excited to share my knowledge and guide you to reach the happiest and healthiest you have been!


With our app you can track and log your workouts/tasks and food so your progress can be seen in front of you. Lets start by holding you accountable, this is where the magic happens. This helps you monitor your weight, workouts, nutrition, sleep, water intake and many more measurements!

Watching yourself progress and achieve your goals if the best form of motivation! What’s better than adding your progress to the achieve chat forum, and showing your hard work while motivating those on the same journey?